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Welcome to the Gigolashvili Lab!

Our group is interested in understanding the molecular basis of gene regulation by transcription factor complexes. We use the example of the glucosinolate biosynthesis pathway mediated by R2R3-MYB and bHLH proteins to explore the mechanisms. Integrated biochemical, genetic, molecular biological, and cell-biological techniques are our tools in the laboratory.

The fundamental biological questions having broader importance in biology are:
(i)    How do transcription factors interact with genes and how is this interaction modulated in a changing environment?
(ii)    How do proteins with closely related DNA-binding domains execute their unique functions (motif recognition of specific binding sites)?  
(iii)    How is the composition of protein complexes modulated under certain environmental conditions?
(iv)    How can protein–protein and protein–DNA-binding activities be changed by small ligands, such as metabolic products of the pathway?


E-Mail: t.gigolashvili(at)
Telephone: +49 221 470 8244

Room 4.412
Zülpicher Straße 47b
D-50674 Köln